Patient Reviews

    5 star review  24/7 Emergency is an excellent facility that performed exceptional service on my recent visit. They were professional, took care of me quickly, even on a follow up visit that was required. Being diabetic presented challenges that they quickly identified and helped to get my blood sugars back under control. Thank you for all you did for me!!!

    thumb Gary Bernard

    5 star review  I went in for a face first fall on a hiking trail that resulted in a very painful hand and wrist. I experienced efficient, quick care and professional and friendly health care staff. I liked everyone from start to finish. The doctor was communicative and bright. They took an x-ray on the spot. They explained my condition and next steps well, and sent me home with accompanying documentation. We had a brief discussion with the doctor about their aims and future plans and were impressed. They hope to help people learn to sustain healthy lives, not only perform quick fixes, ie they hope to develop on longevity care. We also liked that they are now offering platelet rich plasma injections to heal joint tissues. Overall a great health care experience in a very clean, calming, well organized facility.

    thumb Robbin Schoewe

    5 star review  I highly recommend this facility. I had no wait time to get seen. The desk staff was friendly and the medical staff was knowledgeable, and attentive. They made sure I had my prescriptions as it was a Sunday. The nurse called and checked on me a few days later which was really nice as I had questions. The cost was another bonus as it was so affordable.

    thumb Laurel Watson


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