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    5 star review  Steamboat Emergency Center offers an excellent service. We were in town and had a condo full of sick people, and with all the urgent cares closed, we chose this 24/7 location. The space is nice and clean, and they give all people who are coughing face masks to limit the spread of germs. The doctor was friendly and knowledgeable, the nurses all great, and whole visit was relatively fast. We even got a complementary ride home, which is a huge service in a town with limited taxi options. One caveat is we haven't seen a bill yet....but otherwise, highly recommend!

    thumb Janna Gilbert

    5 star review  I had a fresh knee injury and a long standing shoulder injury examined at Steamboat Emergency Center and it was clear upon entry that this center operates at the very edge of best practise and patient care. I was immediately seen to by a team of very friendly and consultative doctor and nurses, made to feel very comfortable throughout the examination, and given a very welcome courtesy follow up some days after my visit. I would like to see the practises and procedures used here implemented in more medical centers. 10/10 would bang my knee to visit here again!

    thumb Son Tieu

    5 star review  I went to the Steamboat ER with calf muscle pain, not knowing if I’d done anything serious or if it just felt like it. I was treated with the utmost care, efficiency, & professionalism by all the staff from the receptionist to the nurses, doctors, ultrasound/x-Ray specialist. I was given an accurate diagnosis after tests to rule out several other possibilities, and very thorough care instructions, including specific guidelines for care during my upcoming long-haul flight. The doctors also took into account my active lifestyle and gave me rehab instructions to get me back into my sports as soon as possible. I couldn’t be happier with my care from Steamboat ER.

    thumb Rebecca Lwin


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