Billing, Insurance & Pricing

Billing and Insurance

Steamboat Emergency Center's Billing Policy
Steamboat Emergency Center accepts private insurance plans such as Aetna, Humana, United Health, Cigna, and BlueCross/BlueShield. We also accept out-of-pocket payment in the form of cash, checks or credit cards.

Your ER co-pay will be collected at the time of your visit. We will then bill your insurance company for the policy’s emergency room benefits. There will be two different claims mailed to your insurance company: the facility bill and the physician bill. If you have any questions concerning your bill please contact our Billing Company at 970-452-8003 or by emailing them at
Insurance Benefits
If you have health insurance, you will receive an EOB (explanation of benefits) from your insurance company in the mail. Taking the time to be familiar with your benefits will help you make the best decisions when seeking medical care. It is important to note that the EOB is not a bill.

Steamboat Emergency Center is classified as out-of-network with many insurance companies; however, Steamboat Emergency Center does honor all in-network deductibles and benefits.
What is Workers’ Compensation?
Workers' compensation is a state-funded insurance program that gives covered employees income and medical benefits if they're injured while working. Colorado employers may choose to provide their employees with this coverage. Most employers will inform you as to whether or not you're covered under this state plan.

For more information on workers' compensation, visit this page.
Are We In-Network?
For all cases deemed emergent, state law requires your insurance company to pay for your emergency care, even if the emergency room is classified as out-of-network.
Steamboat Emergency Center is not an Urgent Care Clinic
• Steamboat Emergency Center is an emergency room and charges rates comparable to a hospital emergency department, including a possible facility fee.
• The physician may bill separately from the facility.
• Steamboat Emergency Center and facility-based physicians may not be a participating provider in an individual’s health plan network.

At any point, if you would like to speak to our Billing Company, please call 970-452-8003. You can also email them at


Steamboat Emergency Center is working hard to provide pricing information to help patients and their families make informed health care decisions before they have a procedure.

We understand there is a lot to consider when having a financial conversation about your health care.

Please note: we provide estimated average prices for many common adult procedures to help with making informed health care decisions. Steamboat Emergency Center’s prices do not include physicians' fees. This fee will be billed separately. Additionally, your actual price may vary based on pre-existing health conditions and the actual procedure performed.

Pricing for Insured Patients

The prices quoted are for insured patients:

Billing Code Type Billing Code Description of Services Charge Prices
Laboratory CPT 36415 Blood Draw Collection Of Venous Blood By Venipuncture $38.07
IV Therapy CPT 96360 IV Infusion, Hydration; Initial, 31 Minutes To 1 Hour. $355.32
IV Therapy CPT 96374 Therapeutic, Prophylactic Or Diagnostic Injection (Specify Substance Or Drug); Intravenous Push, Single Or Initial Substance/Drug $424.72
IV Therapy CPT 96365 IV Infusion For Therapy/Prophylaxis/Diagnosis, Initial, Up To 1 Hour $513.95
Laboratory CPT 85025 CBC: Complete (CBC), Automated (Hgb, Hct, RBC, WBC And Platelet Count) And Automated Differential WBC Count. $289.21
Laboratory CPT 80053 CMP: The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Or Chemical Screen $770.12
Laboratory CPT 84443 Thyroid Testing $371.85
Radiology CPT 74177 Computed Tomography, Abdomen, And Pelvis; With Contrast Material(S) $3,635.73
Radiology CPT 71046 CXR: Radiologic Examination,  2 Views $658.18
Laboratory CPT 81003  Urinalysis Procedures $181.79
Other CPT 96372 IM Injections: "Therapeutic, Prophylactic, Or Diagnostic Injection (Specify Substance Or Drug); Subcutaneous Or Intramuscular," And Represents A Single IM/SQ Injection $234.61
Orthopedic CPT 29105 Application Of Long Arm Splint, Shoulder To Hand; The Application Of A Splint Regardless Of Whether The Splint Was Off-The-Shelf Or Prefabricated $247.89
Wound CPT 12001 Laceration Repair Simple Repair Of Superficial Wounds Of Scalp, Neck, Axillae, External Genitalia, Trunk And/Or Extremities (Including Hands And Feet); 2.5 Cm Or Less $601.54
Respiratory CPT 94640 Neb Treatments Pressurized Or Nonpressurized Inhalation Treatment $225.50
ECG/EKG CPT 93005 EKG Electrocardiogram, Routine ECG With At Least 12 Leads; Tracing Only, Without Interpretation And Report $370.94
CT Scan CPT 70450 CT Brain W/O Computed Tomography, Head Or Brain $2,892.06
CT Scan CPT 71275 CTA Chest CT Angiography Chest, Non-Coronary $4,207.53
CT Scan CPT 74150 CT Abd/Pelvis CT Abdomen w/o Contrast $3,083.02
Ultrasound CPT 93971 Us Lower Extremity Bilateral $912.23
X-ray CPT 73610 Ankle 3 V Procedures Of The Lower Extremities $686.28
X-ray CPT 73030 Procedures Of The Upper Extremities Shoulder $552.68
X-ray CPT 74021 Diagnostic Radiology (Diagnostic Imaging) Procedures Of The Abdomen. $736.25
Laboratory-Chemistry CPT 84484 Troponin, Quantitative.  $371.85
Microbiology CPT 87077 Aerobic Culture, Anaerobic Culture Of Blood $75.87
Microbiology CPT 87086 Bacterial Culture, Urine $273.05
Other CPT 36000 Introduction Of Needle Or Intracatheter, Vein (Needle Placement For IV) $347.05

Emergency Department Service / Chargemaster Prices

Description of Services Billing Code Billing Code Type Charge Price
Level 1 CPT 99281 ER $537.38
Level 2 CPT 99282 ER $883.07
Level 3 CPT 99283 ER $1,604.27
Level 4 CPT 99284 ER $1,964.62
Level 5 CPT 99285 ER $2,565.57

Questions About Pricing and Payment Options

If you would like more information, have questions about pricing, or would like to discuss payment options, or billing concerns, please call Steamboat Emergency Center 970-846-6230 to speak with our Patient Advocate. You also can also email us